Warrior Underground SGX

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81 East Hyalite Peak Drive, Bozeman, MT, United States
81 East Hyalite Peak Drive Bozeman Montana 59718 US

Warrior Underground SGX offers a functional team training experience that will catapult your entire perception of health, fitness, and athletic potential into an entirely new realm. We are not a gym, we are a specialized training and coaching facility for athletes and aspiring athletes who want to work hard, pursue excellence, and maximize their performance potential. We provide you with the tools necessary to impact and grow your passion for becoming the best version of yourself possible.

With focus on our core principles: Strength, Stamina, Transformation, Athleticism, Function, and Discipline, we have developed a comprehensive training program for our members. Our training programs are continually evolving to offer our members revolutionary and transformational fitness training that gets results.

Spartan SGX, the most cutting-edge functional fitness program in the world, is at the core of every program we offer. This is further enhanced by FitRanX, a revolutionary fitness ranking system that will keep you motivated by giving you clear and specific goals to strive for while ensuring that you are achieving balanced, full-body fitness.

Our holistic approach to training recognizes that fitness is incorporated into all aspects of our lives: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This comprehensive philosophy is essential to obtain maximum and lasting results.

Empowering you to be your best is of the utmost importance and education and teaching are critical components of our program. Your coach will utilize a diversified group of functional training techniques, including bodyweight training, loaded movement training, and unconventional strength training methodologies, while engaging our core principles to motivate and maximize your training session.

The camaraderie and friendships you establish with your team will further assist in supporting, motivating, and encouraging you on your journey to your highest potential.

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