“Drive Results, Referrals And Retention Through The ROOF With Progressive Fitness Level Testing”


What is FitRanX®

FitRanX is a standardized level training system used for gauging your clients fitness level. This system is based on REAL exercise science and took 6 years to develop and perfect.

FitRanX is NOT about competing with anyone else…it’s all about being better than you were yesterday. We prove this by progressing your clients through the Level system.

FitRanX Levels
How Does FitRanX® Work?

With FitRanX®, you run your clients through a series of fitness tests.  There are 8 FitRanX® Levels with corresponding colors that represent each level.

Fitness Testing…

In order for an individual to progress from one level to the next, they participate in a Testing Day. Each Level Test includes specific strength movements that covers the 5 basic movement patterns you use in everyday life.

There is also a conditioning portion for each level’s advancement that covers explosive movements, loaded carries, and kettlebell techniques that is guaranteed to get your client moving better and feeling better.

Get Rewarded!

As your clients pass through the FitRanX system, they get recognized for their hard work by earning different color Dog Tags for each rank they achieve. Plus they get recognized in front of your peers with your Wall of Fame and receive a Certificate of Achievement for each Level Test passed.


  • Earn different color Dog Tags
  • Get on the Wall of Fame
  • Receive your Certificate of Achievement
FitRanX Dog Tags

Plain And Simply, FitRanX® Keeps Your Members Motivated…

Let’s be honest, not all your clients are going to follow your nutritional advice.  When this happens the scale doesn’t drop as fast as they would like and that means your client becomes demotivated and leaves.  FitRanX® gives you a way to show your clients physical progress without focusing on the dreaded scale and this drives results, referrals, and retention through the roof.  And remember, it costs approximately 6-7 times more to get a new client as it does to keep a current one.

FitRanX® Makes the Sale

It’s not only perfect for client retention, but also acts as a “New Client Magnet” adding fresh new spin on your programs in a way that makes sense to perspective clients, giving you a HUGE edge over your competition. 


FitRanX® Done-For-You-Workouts

(New Workouts Released Every Month)

No more spending hours writing out your workouts and wasting time when you could be doing something else productive.  You will be getting REAL done-for-you workouts released to you every month.  These workouts are science-based with built in progressions for your clients. We provide you workouts for 6 days a week (Monday-Saturday) and have all the advanced programming done for you.   These workouts are all based on large group sessions, but you can easily make them work for your semi-private and private clients.  Your clients will be participating in:

This Benefit is especially GREAT if you have employees or trainers working for you.  Now you have a way of keeping all your trainers on the same page by just handing out the workouts they should be running.  No more worrying about your trainers putting together quality workouts.  IT’S ALL DONE FOR YOU!


NEW Marketing Pieces
(Released Every Quarter)

Need Help Launching The FitRanX® System at Your Gym?

No problem…we provide you with everything you need to have a flawless launch of the system.  We provide you with Weekly Action Steps on what to do each week after you join.  We also provide you with Email Campaigns, Coming Soon Posters, and other marketing material to make sure you create the maximum amount of excitement with your clients and potential clients

Now Let’s Take A Look At How The Level Tests Are Designed…

FitRanX® Has A Men’s and Women’s Version…Plus 3 Different Age Brackets.

This program is built for EVERYONE. No matter if you train only women, high level athletes or “Baby Boomers”, we have you covered. All the movements are the same on each Level Test but the weight and time duration is scientifically adjusted for each gender as well as the 3 different age brackets.

FitRanX for all fitness levels

Sneak Peak At Level 1

(Age Bracket 1)…

FitRanX Level 1 Strength
Level 1 Conditioning
FitRanX® Is Backed By Science…
Progressions Are Everything…Not only do the Level Tests make your clients well rounded athletes, there is a scientific progression for each movement on each Test. Below you can see an example of the PULL progression from Level 2 through Level 4.
Backed By Even More Science!
FitRanX® Has Weight Classes…There are 9 different Weight Classes your clients will fall into. We use these weight classes to calculate out the amount of weight they will be lifting on the Level Tests. This way the Tests are completely uniform and standard for a female that weighs 100 lbs to a male that weighs 250 lbs. You can see how our chart works below and an example of the Goblet Squat  for age bracket 1.
FitRanX weight chart
Female deadlift

What Equipment Do I Need?

Most likely you already have all the equipment needed to run every level test, but just in case, here is what you need to run the FitRanX® System:

  • Kettlebells
  • Suspension Systems
  • Jump Ropes
  • Undulation Ropes
  • Plyo Boxes
  • Slam Balls
  • Superbands
  • Pull Up Station


Why FitRanX®?
checkmarkKeep Your Clients, Staff and YOU Motivated

checkmarkGive Your Clients Clear and Attainable Short Term Physical Goals to Reach

checkmarkThe Testing Days Develop So Much Positive Energy, Anyone Watching Will Want to Sign Up

checkmarkRetention Rates Will Shoot Through the Roof, Meaning More Money and Less Effort Chasing New Business

checkmarkYou’ll Save Big Bucks on Marketing Because Your Program Will Be the Talk of the Town

checkmarkFree Up time Because You’ll No Longer Need to Find New Things to Keep Your Clients From Getting Bored

Money back guarantee

FitRanX® Comes With a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If at any time in the first 30 days you aren’t completely head-over-heels, jumping up and down with joy, absolutely thrilled with the FitRanX® System, just let us know and you’ll get a full refund of your purchase… no hassles, no headaches and no hard feelings.

“Join The Revolution Today”

Join The Team Today And Get…


checkmarkFitRanX® Operations Manual

checkmark3 Testing Booklets for Each FitRanX® Age Bracket

checkmarkAccess to Videos Demonstrating Each of the FitRanX® Exercises and Level Tests

checkmarkFitRanX® Official RanX Band™ Making Video

checkmarkOfficial FitRanX® Certificate of Completion Template

checkmarkYour Location Listed on the FitRanX® Website

checkmarkDone-For-You Workouts Released to you Every Month

checkmarkAccess to on-going Ads, Promotional Flyers, Postcards, Posters, and Much More

checkmarkGet Weekly Business Building Training Videos

checkmarkGetting Started Module Video Series

→ Gives You Weekly Action Steps to Accomplish

→ How to Implement the System into Your Current Programs

→ How to Create the BUZZ Around Your Facility

→ How to Properly Run FitRanX® Tests

→ How to Convert Potential Clients into Paying Clients

→ Keeps You Accountable

→ How to Use FitRanX® in One on One Personal Training

→ How to Use FitRanX® in Group Personal Training

checkmarkAccess to Forms for Your Business:
→ Liability Release Form

→ Image Release Form

→ Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

→ Measurement Forms

→ Weigh-in Forms

→ Business Start Up Forms

→ Front Desk Forms

→ Manager Reports

→ Employee Forms

→ Client Referral Programs

→ Much, Much More……

checkmarkAccess to the FitRanX® Team Members-Only Group:

→ Have insider access to what’s working and what’s not working

→ Be part of a community that wants to help each other succeed

→ If you get stuck, ask questions about how to make the system work for you


When You Join Today!

Free T-Shirt When You Join The Team Today
You get instant access to all these instructional videos…
Kettlebell Swing

Single Swing

Alternating & Double Swing

Single Clean

Double Clean

Single Press

Double Press

Bottom’s Up Press

Goblet Squat

Single Snatch

Double Snatch

Low Windmill

High Windmill

Double Windmill

Figure 8 To A Hold

Swing To Goblet Squat

Double Swing, Clean, Squat

Double Swing, Snatch, Press, Squat

Single Swing w/ Superband

Turkish Get Up

FitRanX® Sticker Program

Fitness Tests is one thing, but what happens in-between training for tests? You will get access to the FitRanX® Sticker Program so your clients will ALWAYS have something to work towards no matter what Level they are.

Here are just some of the acheivements:


  • Obstacle Conqueror – Do “X” number of obstacle course races in a year
  • 10,000 Burpee Club – Complete 10,000 burpees
  • Triple Shot – Complete level 1,2, and 3 test back to back
  • Squad Leader – Earned for helping with a testing day
  • Water Buffalo – Earned for drinking 1/2 their body weight in oz daily for 30 days

Get instant access to the FitRanX® System and all of its benefits!

Start Using The FitRanX® System Today



A Month

So stop wasting your valuable time and effort trying out dead-end advertising ideas that fail to produce results. Join the FitRanX® Team NOW, and drive your client results, referrals and retention through the roof.