Kettlebell Academy of New Zealand

8A McRae Road, Auckland, New Zealand
8A McRae Road Auckland Auckland 1060 NZ

The art of Kettlebell Training is an ancient Russian discipline that became available to the world after the collapse of communism in the USSR. It has been used for over 350 years by ever level of Russian society because it strengthens the body, transforms the mind and bulletproofs the spirit. Those who decide to learn the skill of kettlebell training go on to build unshakable fitness which is satisfying, effective, permanent and leads to mastery. It is a training system that fits into any lifestyle, enhances your existence on every level, helps you build a strong, flexible, healthy body and a focused, resilient mind.

Kettlebell Academy members range in age (12-65), experience, life situations and goals. We have Olympic Lifting and Power athletes, Elite Crossfit athletes, Masters Division Crossfit Medalists, Marathon runners, ballet dancers, yoga teachers, actors, doctors, Moms, and University Professors.

If you are tired of spending money on a gym membership that you don’t use, Kettlebell Academy is for you.

Kettlebell training is not just amazingly effective and efficient workouts. It is simple and healthy nutrition, mindfulness, aligning your fitness with your purpose, being part of a great community and committing to continuous life-long improvement.

We offer classes, workshops, 1on1 coaching, house calls, fundamentals and advanced courses, revolutionary online coaching and an individual and group accountability programmes.

We welcome you, join the evolution of fitness!

About Kat:

Ekaterina (Kat) Tabakova is a Russian-born and New Zealand – dwelling strength & conditioning coach. Kettlebell Academy of New Zealand was born out of her desire to see all Kiwis – irrespective of age, gender, income, space or time availability – create an unshakable fitness habit that is sustainable and based on integrity of body and mind.

Kat’s specialties are: Kettlebell SFG Hard Style, Barbell (Olympic and Powerlifting), Calisthenics, home gym set up, jump rope instruction, injury prevention, nutrition coaching, personality-based approach to programming – which makes permanent fat loss and weight maintenance a byproduct rather than a specialty.

SFG Certified Kettlebell L1 Coach
Registered Personal Trainer
REPs Registered Continuous Education Provider
Certified Precision Nutrition L1 Coach
Certified Group Fitness Trainer
Certified Crossfit Gymnastics Trainer

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