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FitRanX® Done-For-You-Workouts

(Released Every 4 Weeks)

No more spending hours writing out your workouts and wasting time when you could be doing something else productive.  You will be getting REAL done-for-you workouts released to you every 4 weeks.  These workouts are science-based with built in progressions for your clients.

We provide you workouts for 6 days a week (Monday-Saturday) and have all the advanced programming done for you. These workouts are all based on large group sessions, but you can easily make them work for your semi-private and private clients.  Your clients will be participating in:

Conditioning Sessions

These sessions are based around basic conditioning movements. Each session includes 4 metabolic movements and 2 core movements. You will not see any movements from the Level Tests on these days.

LEVEL UP Conditioning Sessions

These sessions are based on the conditioning movements from the Level Tests. The Beginner sessions will be working on movements from Levels 1-3 and the Pro sessions will be working on movements from Levels 4+.

Strength Sessions

These sessions are based around basic strength movements. Each sessions includes 2 Pull movements, 1 Push movement, 1 Squat movement, 1 Hinge movement, and 1 Core movement. You will not see any movements from the Level Tests on these days.

LEVEL UP Strength Sessions

These sessions are based on the strength movements from the Level Tests. The Beginner sessions will be working on movements from Levels 1-3 and the Pro sessions will be working on movements from Levels 4+.

Kettlebell Sessions

These sessions are designed to teach your members how to better use kettlebells in a more instructional setting, but still providing a great workout.

AMRAP/Complex Sessions

These sessions are based around body weight, barbell, kettlebell, and dumbbell complexes and AMRAP’s. These workouts provide a fun but effective way for your clients to get a good workout in.

Partner Sessions

These sessions are designed to be fun and get your clients working together as a team. The more fun your clients have with their workouts, the better your gym culture becomes and the longer your clients stay with you

This Benefit is especially GREAT if you have employees or trainers working for you.  Now you have a way of keeping all your trainers on the same page by just handing out the workouts they should be running.  No more worrying about your trainers putting together quality workouts.  IT’S ALL DONE FOR YOU!


Monthly GYM Challenge Workouts`

Every month we release a brand NEW Challenge workout that you run your clients through. At the end of each month you submit your top 3 scores to see where your clients compare to other FitRanX® gyms around the world. Every month we send the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners their DOG TAG medals so they can display their achievement in their gym for everyone to enjoy!


NEW Marketing Pieces

(Released Every Quarter)

Need Help Launching The FitRanX® System at Your Gym?

No problem…we provide you with everything you need to have a flawless launch of the system.  We provide you with Weekly Action Steps on what to do each week after you join.  We also provide you with Email Campaigns, Coming Soon Posters, and other marketing material to make sure you create the maximum amount of excitement with your clients and potential clients

Every quarter we release new marketing material you can use to draw NEW clients in on Facebook, Direct Mail, or Internal Promotions to upsell your current members.  You are going to get instant access to pieces like our “28 Day Level Up Challenge” where you can advertise to your local community about the FitRanX® System and challenge them to get to Level 1 in 28 days.



FREE Ticket To A FitRanX® Instructor Certification

You not only get this awesome system, you also get to come out to one of our LIVE instructor certification where we will teach you in-person how to run this system at 100% of it’s capabilities.

This Certification was created to ensure that all FitRanX® gyms are keeping with the high standards of all the level tests. We will do this by guaranteeing you have mastered every exercise and the ability to teach these movements. This Certification is also designed to teach you the best practices of how to run small and large format testing days. You will learn all the latest cues to help you be able to teach all the FitRanX® movements to even your toughest clients.

You will also LEARN:

  • How to run a FitRanX® Test Day to create the most excitement
  • The best CULTURE building techniques
  • Recommended program design
  • How to use FitRanX® in your sales process
  • How to use FitRanX® in your Low Barrier Offers
  • How to use FitRanX® as an umbrella over all your programs instead of JUST a class
  • Advanced techniques on how to run a better session
  • How to run FitRanX® Workshops



FitRanX® Sticker Program


Fitness Tests is one thing, but what happens in-between training for tests? You will get access to the FitRanX® Sticker Program so your clients will ALWAYS have something to work towards no matter what Level they are.

Here are just some of the achievements:

  • Obstacle Conqueror – Do “X” number of obstacle course races in a year
  • 10,000 Burpee Club – Complete 10,000 burpees
  • Triple Shot – Complete level 1,2, and 3 test back to back
  • Squad Leader – Earned for helping with a testing day
  • Water Buffalo – Earned for drinking 1/2 their body weight in oz daily for 30 days


30 Minute Strategy Call

We could all use a little help in growing our business. So the Sarge has decided to do a strategy call with you to make sure you are doing everything you should be doing to maximize the growth of your business. As soon as you sign back up, you will receive a link to schedule your call. In your call, Sgt Nick Rians will be helping you put an action plan together that will help in getting your business to the NEXT level. 

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What Equipment Do I Need?

Most likely you already have all the equipment needed to run every level test, but just in case, here is what you need to run the FitRanX® System:

  • Kettlebells
  • Suspension Systems
  • Jump Ropes
  • Undulation Ropes
  • Plyo Boxes
  • Slam Balls
  • Superbands
  • Pull Up Station





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