Get Access To Over 40 Online Courses That Will Make Your Business Better, Give You A Steady Flow Of New Clients, And Make You A Lot More Money.

Go From making $5000 to $20,000 a month in less than 12 months

Does this sound like bullshit to you? Well it’s not…I have seen multiple gym owners do this and they did it under 12 months. Maybe you are already making $20,000 or more, we have you covered too. All it takes is the right education and your WILL to do the work. We take care of the education part of the equation; it’s your job to put the education to work.

No matter what level you are at we have courses for you!

The School of Business will help to get your business to the level you desire

Most fitness businesses don’t make it past 24 months…Will yours?

We don’t want you to be one of those businesses. That is why we developed the School of Business. Most trainers know how to train, but they don’t have the skill set to run a business.

Is Your Business Struggling?

You got into this industry because you knew about fitness and you loved helping people. You didn’t think you needed to have a Master’s Degree in business to make it successful. But this is ok…you can skip all the unnecessary information that grad school would have required, and find out what’s working in the fitness industry NOW. Plus do it in a style of learning that works for YOU. We are here to help you with the business and marketing so you can focus on what you REALLY enjoy doing.

Don’t Know What To Do For Marketing?

Most fitness professionals rely purely on refers for their marketing and honestly, that isn’t marketing. That is just hoping your current members don’t run out of friend to keep referring to you. You need a solid system that continues to bring a steady flow of new clients into your gym. You will learn everything you need to make this happen in the FitranX® School Of Business.

Don’t try to figure it out on your own.

– Follow our easy to understand courses

– Learn from Sgt Nick’s years of experience in the trenches

– Start implementing the right systems into your business

  • Knowing Your numbers
  • Setting Your 6 Month Revenue Goal
  • The Marketing Pyramid
  • 19 Rules To Live By
  • How To Simplify Your Business
  • How To Write Better Emails
  • The Client Lifecycle That You Want
  • Contracts – To Have Or Have Not?
  • Ongoing Referral Programs
  • How To Run A Referral Contest
  • How To Stay Better Organized
  • How To Run A Bring A Friend Session
  • How To Run Client Team Building Events
  • The Super Secret Reactivation Campaign
  • How To Retarget Your Facebook Video Views
  • How to Connect with Local Businesses
  • Finding A Charity
  • Marketing Your Charity Event
  • Running Your Charity Event
  • Following Up With Charity Event Participants
  • Are You Ready For An Assistant?
  • How To Hire An Assistant
  • How To Run A Sales Consultation
  • Running Successful Client Appreciation Parties
  • How To Use YouTube
  • How To Use Facebook Pixels
  • How To Send A Boosted Post To Multiple Pixeled Audiences
  • The Facebook Client Value Journey
  • How To Do A Facebook Video View Ad
  • How To Run A 28 Day Level Up Challenge
  • How to Prepare For A Transformation Challenges
  • Transformation Challenge Facebook Funnel
  • Transformation Challenge Contest Rules
  • How To Develop Your Schedule Of Events For Transformation Challenge
  • How To Use The Transformation Challenge Point Tracker
  • How To Run A Transformation Challenge Award Ceremony
  • How To Hire A Trainer
  • The Trainer Internship Program
  • How To Pay Your Trainers
  • The Trainer Schedule Rotation
  • How To Nurture Your Staff
  • How To Get Rid Of The BAD APPLES

You Choose Which Courses To Take

Since we don’t know how your business is currently performing, we allow you to choose the courses that are going to best help your businesses performance. This is no ordinary online course. The Sarge himself will be teaching you step-by-step how he took his business from 30 clients to 500 in under two years.

Plus, we will be adding more courses EVERY month.

Have an idea for a course…just let us know.

We are here to help you with any topic that will help you grow your business.

Get Rewarded For Your HARD WORK

Like all of our programs, we reward you for your hard work. For every course you

complete you earn points. With these points you can earn different badges and

compete with other FitRanX® trainers on the LEADER BOARD. Will you be able earn

all 20 badges?

This is your chance to access the courses that have taken fitness businesses making only $5000 a month to OVER $20,000 a month. Isn’t it time you start making more money? Isn’t it time you start freeing up your days?

Isn’t it time to stop having your business run you?

If so, it’s time to Join


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