Do you want to get to LEVEL 8 but just don’t have the time to develop a workout program?


Get 14 months of done-for-you program design that will get you from LEVEL 1 to LEVEL 8.
It took some guts and fortitude to even make the decision to attempt this monstrous challenge. In terms of New Year’s resolutions, this may be the toughest physical year you will ever encounter! But take solace in the fact that all the thinking has been done for you, all you have to do, in the words of Dan John is, “Show Up.”
Even the best trainers in the world have trainers, people who make them Show Up and “Just Do This.” For a hair over a calendar year, this is your program. This is all you will do. That’s it; give yourself to this program, 100%. Don’t swap out exercises you don’t like, don’t add in things like bicep curls because you don’t want your “guns” to shrink. Don’t train for a triathlon on your “rest days”. Don’t worry, it won’t be too easy, that’s for sure. After a few weeks you will have zero inclination to add more work to your plate.

Who Are These Workouts For?

This is for YOU if:

greenbullet  You are NOT already a FitRanX Level 8
greenbullet  You want to get into the BEST shape of your life
greenbullet  You have been putting off your own workouts
greenbullet  You want to get STRONGER
greenbullet  You want a Done-For-You program for trainers
greenbullet  Be a part of the LEVEL 8 Judgement Day Event

Who Are These Workouts NOT For?

This is for NOT FOR YOU if:

 You are already a FitRanX Level 8
⊗  You think you are in the BEST shape of your life
⊗  You get all your workouts in every week
⊗  You think you can’t get stronger
⊗  You already have your entire years program design done
⊗  You only do BODY WEIGHT exercises
Ok, hopefully I haven’t scared you too much, but here’s the other side of the coin, and what I hope to help you with. You are weak. Now don’t take that personally, I’m not singling anyone out. In what I have observed, I have not witnessed a single person who has possessed the strength to “own” the Level 4 test at the Instructor Certifications we have run so far. In order to truly own these level tests, and to survive the Level 8 Judgement Day, you need to possess a work capacity that is exponentially larger than what you currently are drawing from.

This is a quote from Brett Jones that really resonates with me: “Absolute strength is the glass. Everything else is the liquid inside the glass. The bigger the glass, the more of everything else you can do.”

I love this imagery, because it is so true. If a glass represents your capacity for work, then I want you to have a 55 gallon drum, not a thimble. In order to make it through the Level 8 Judgement Day, the testing elements need to be so easy individually that they are almost a joke to complete. The first time I put myself through Level 4, the 100 reps of Snatches with a 12kg kettlebell was a rest period for me. Seriously…It was so easy I was tempted to increase the size of the kettlebell, until I witnessed instructor certification participants failing to make it through the snatch portion. I’m not trying to brag, but the reason it was so easy is because to me, a snatch size kettlebell is a 24kg, with the same rep and time requirements.

During This Program You Will Be Doing…

 Basic Strength Days

 Specifit Strength Days

 Specific Conditioning Days

 Barbell Complexes

 Kettlebell Complexes

 Level Test Days

 Combo Level Test Days

Increased strength and endurance is the GOAL. I want you to be stronger, because if you are stronger then it will make all of this easier. Now I know you probably think you are strong, and you are right that you are probably stronger than 90% of the population, but I want you to be stronger than 99% of the population.


I’m going to get REAL with you right now. I’m sorry if this hits a little close to home and I offend you, but this needs to be said. I have seen too many trainers out there that are NOT in shape themselves. If this is your profession and you expect your clients to listen to you, then you need to look the part. I know…you are busy training your clients all day and you don’t have time for yourself. I UNDERSTAND…I have been there myself, but you have to stop using that excuse. You have to STOP lying to yourself to make yourself feel better. If you want people to come to you for training, then you need to look the way that client wants to look. The Level 8 Club will do this for you!

Only Do Body Weight Exercises??

I want to mention trainers who only perform body weight exercises. Unfortunately, you are selling yourselves and your clients short. It is impossible to physically load yourself with the amount of weight that induces substantial cellular adaptation when you are doing a one armed SOTS press while performing a pistol on top of a bosu ball. I might recommend you join the circus or audition for “America’s Got Talent,” but you’re not going to get strong.

Is This Training Program JUST For Trainers?

The cool thing about this program is that you can use it with your clients too. Yes, we did design it to progress at an aggressive rate, but if you or your clients get stuck on a certain LEVEL not a problem. All you have to do is slight modifications to the weights and time constraints and progress at a slower pace until you can pass the prescribed Level Test.

Maybe you are only stuck on ONE exercise like Pull-Ups. If so, no worries just let us know and we will give you remedial homework that will help you improve for that ONE specific movement.

How Do I Ask For HELP?

The LEVEL 8 Private Facebook page is where we will be answering ALL your questions. It’s also going to be a place where you can share your experiences with other trainers that are going through the same program as you. We aren’t stopping there either…we will be physically going through the whole program with you. I’m not the kind of guy that Talks the Talk…I WALK THE WALK!

“Do You Have What It Takes To Be A LEVEL 8?”

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