Get Quality Kettlebell Instruction In A Time Efficient Manner For A 3rd Of The Price.
Attend our 1 Day Kettlebell Certification for ONLY $197
At the FitRanX® Kettlebell Certification you will learn the:
  • Get-Up
  • Swing
  • Goblet Squat
  • Clean
  • Front Squat (Single and Double)
  • Press (Single and Double)
  • Snatch
  • Windmill
In addition to learning how to perform the movements, along the way you will learn teaching cues, programming ideas for each lift, the differences between “Hardstyle” and “Sport” KB practices and the best ways to utilize each style, the differences between traditional cast-iron and Sport Kettlebells and the best times to use each kind, and much more!

This cert isn’t going to beat you up physically, but you will definitely work as you practice drills that exist with the purpose of teaching you each movement.

This course is designed for anybody – from the experienced practitioner to the rote beginner, and everyone in between.
The Kettlebell Requires Technical Mastery

There are many exercise tools that lay claim to be able to be used for anything, but all too often it is a stretch of the imagination to make that happen.

While visually appearing very simple, the kettlebell requires technical mastery in order to avoid injury and reap its rewards. It requires quality instruction, time, practice and patience, much more than what is needed to simply sit down on a machine, move a pin, grab a handle and go. But it is worth it.

At the completion of the day there will be a written test, to demonstrate content knowledge, as well as a physical practical. The physical practical will demonstrate a basic strength and conditioning foundation, as well as a minimum mastery of each foundational movement.
The FitRanX® Flow Drill

The physical practical will be completed in the form of what we have dubbed the “FitRanX® Flow Drill.” It is as follows:


  • Get-Up
  • High Windmill x 1 rep
  • Front Sq x 5 reps
  • Single Arm Swing x 5 reps
  • Snatch x 5 reps
  • Clean x 5 reps
  • Press x 5 reps
  • Get-Down
  • Switch sides and repeat
If you ever want to brush up on your skills, you are welcome to retake the course for 50% off at any time.  But we are firm believers in the thought that after a set window of time, no one comes and “deletes” the information from your brain and you must then come and re-certify.  It is understood that you are taking this course because you want to get better at your Kettlebell performance, and that you will take what you learn, go home, and keep practicing.
There is NO REASON to pay $1000’s of dollars to become a Certified Kettlebell Instructor.
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Los Angeles, CA

August 26th (9am – 5pm)

GR8 Body Fitness
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