Get All The Benefits Of A Fitness Franchise…Without ALL The Negatives!

No Matter Where You Are At With Your Fitness Business, This Program Is Designed For You


Benefit #1:

FitRanX® Client Level Testing System

With FitRanX®, you run your clients through a series of fitness tests. There are 8 FitRanX® Levels with corresponding colors that represent each rank. In order for your clients to progress from one level to the next, they participate in a Testing Day. Each Level Test includes specific strength movements that covers the 5 basic movement patterns you use in everyday life.

There is also a conditioning portion for each level’s advancement that covers explosive movements, loaded carries, and kettlebell techniques that is guaranteed to get your clients moving better and feeling better.

As your client passes through the FitRanX® Levels, they wear their Dog Tag color of their corresponding fitness rank whenever they are at your facility or out around town.

Benefit #2:

FitRanX® Done-For-You-Workouts

(Released Every 4 Weeks)
No more spending hours writing out your workouts and wasting time when you could be doing something else productive.  You will be getting REAL done-for-you workouts released to you every 4 weeks.  These workouts are science-based with built in progressions for your clients.

We provide you workouts for 6 days a week (Monday-Saturday) and have all the advanced programming done for you.  For each session type (listed below) you will also receive a beginner workout and a pro workout to use with your members.  These workouts are all based on large group sessions, but you can easily make them work for your semi-private and private clients.  Your clients will be participating in:

Conditioning Sessions

These sessions are based around basic conditioning movements. Each session includes 4 metabolic movements and 2 core movements. You will not see any movements from the Level Tests on these days.

LEVEL UP Conditioning Sessions

These sessions are based on the conditioning movements from the Level Tests. The Beginner sessions will be working on movements from Levels 1-3 and the Pro sessions will be working on movements from Levels 4+.

Strength Sessions

These sessions are based around basic strength movements. Each sessions includes 2 Pull movements, 1 Push movement, 1 Squat movement, 1 Hinge movement, and 1 Core movement. You will not see any movements from the Level Tests on these days.

LEVEL UP Strength Sessions

These sessions are based on the strength movements from the Level Tests. The Beginner sessions will be working on movements from Levels 1-3 and the Pro sessions will be working on movements from Levels 4+.

Kettlebell Sessions

These sessions are designed to teach your members how to better use kettlebells in a more instructional setting, but still providing a great workout. The Beginner sessions will be working on basic kettlebell movements from Levels 1-3 and the Pro sessions will be working on more advanced kettlebell complexes and ladder drills.

AMRAP/Complex Sessions

These sessions are based around body weight, barbell, kettlebell, and dumbbell complexes and AMRAP’s. These workouts provide a fun but effective way for your clients to get a good workout in. The Beginner sessions focus more on body weight complexes and basic movements. The Pro sessions get into more advanced barbell and kettlebell complexes and ladders.
This Benefit is especially GREAT if you have employees or trainers working for you.  Now you have a way of keeping all your trainers on the same page by just handing out the workouts they should be running.  No more worrying about your trainers putting together quality workouts.  IT’S ALL DONE FOR YOU!

Benefit #3:

Business Ranking System

If you thought a Ranking System worked well for your clients…just wait til you see this. You will be working your way through 11 different ranks. To achieve each rank, you must complete certain tasks each month that will move your business forward. That means every time you reach a NEW rank you have improved your business and making MORE money.

You will also be able to earn specialty patches for completing certain tasks. You will be able to display your badges of honor at your office or at home on your ELITE Award Board!


Benefit #4:

Done-For-You Marketing Calendar

  • Referral Contests
  • Reactivation Campaigns
  • Facebook Campaigns
    • 28 Day Level Up Challenge
    • Mommy Makeover Campaigns
    • 50+ Marketing Campaigns
    • 6 Week Challenges
    • Sales Copy & Picture
  • Charity Events
  • Client Parties & Team Building
  • Team Transformation Challenges
    • Marketing Email Campaigns
    • Facebook Sales Copy & Campaigns
    • How To Videos
    • 6 Weeks Of Done For You Emails
    • Point Tracking Spreadsheets

Benefit #5:

School of Business Video Courses

All FitRanX Products


You got into this industry because you knew about fitness and you loved helping people. You didn’t think you needed to have a Master’s Degree in business to make it successful. But that’s ok…you can skip all the unnecessary information that grad school would have required, and find out what’s working in the fitness industry NOW.

Plus do it in a style of learning that works for YOU. We are here to help you with the business and marketing so you can focus on what you REALLY enjoy doing.

You will get access to over 50 Online Courses that will make your business better, give you a steady flow of new clients, and make you A LOT more money.


Benefit #6:

Done-For-You Website Service

Does your website need a face lift? We got you covered. We will redesign and make you a brand spanking new website and do all your edits every month. That means whenever you need a landing page made for a promotion or any other edits…we got your back!

Benefit #7:

Facebook Ad Managment

No need to keep wasting your time putting Facebook ads together that aren’t working. We know Facebook ads can be a pain in the a$$ to manage, so we take that burden off your hands by managing all your ads for you. 

Benefit #8:

Complete Gym Management Software

With this program you will NO LONGER need Mindbody, Zen Planner, or any other CRM system. You can also cancel your emailing service and SMS service because ALL of that is covered with our Complete Gym Management Software. You will even receive your very own custom gym app that you and your clients can use. 

Benefit #9:

30 Minute Coaching Calls

You will receive two 30 minute coaching calls every month. We will cover any and ALL questions that you have to get your business to the next level. This is truly one of the biggest benefits for the cost of this program. You will not find this with any other coaching program.

Don’t Take My Word For It…

BONUS – FitRanX® Award Board 

Once you earn your first rank we will send you your Award Board so you can display your Dog Tags, Specialty Patches, and your Yearly Challenge Coins.

We all need something to stay motivated. There is no secret to that. You have already seen how a ranking system can motivate you and your clients.

Now participate in one that is going to make your business better and make you more money.

With this new system, you are going to reach heights you never thought possible.

BONUS – FREE FitRanX® T-Shirt 

Get ALL The Benefits Of A Franchise…Without All The Negatives


  • Done-For-You Systems
  • Yearly Marketing Calendar
  • Plug & Play Marketing Campaigns
  • Website Design & Management
  • Facebook Ads Management
  • Complete Gym Management Software
  • Monthly Coaching Calls & Support
  • Simple Step By Step Process
  • Higher Rate Of Success
  • No Profit Sharing
  • No LONG Term Contracts


  • Stuck In A LONG Term Contract
  • No Freedom Of Creativity
  • MUCH More Expensive
  • No Coaching Or Support
  • Sharing Of Profits

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