Independent we are weak, but together we are Unstoppable…


You are going to achieve more in 90 days then you have in the past 12 months with the NEW Business Ranking System.

Don’t Take My Word For It…

“Did You Say A Ranking System For Business Owners???”

If you thought a Ranking System worked well for your clients…just wait til you see this. You will be working your way through 11 different ranks. To achieve each rank, you must reach certain Benchmarks within your company and take a test to make sure you have retained all the information from the Module Videos. That means every time you reach a NEW rank you have improved your business and most likely you are making more money.

Here is the list of Ranks you will be achieving:

Not Just Ranks...You Can Earn Specialty Patches Too

You will also be able to earn specialty patches for completing certain tasks. You will be able to display your badges of honor in your office or at home.

Here are a few of the Patches you will achieve:

Hunter Patch

Earn this by getting 20 new clients in 30 days

Boss Hog Patch

Earn this by having 3 or more TRAINERS working under your command for over ONE year

The Legacy Patch

Earn this patch by taking initiative to do something to improve FitRanX

The Animal Patch

Earn this by Personally completing 4 level tests in a single training session

And that is just to name a few…we have A LOT more then just these!

We all need something to stay motivated. There is no secret to that. You have already seen how a ranking system can motivate you and your clients. Now participate in one that is going to make your business better and make you more money. With this new system, you are going to reach heights you never thought possible.

Don’t Take My Word For It…

This program is NOT for everyone

I only want the most qualified and motivated trainers. If you have any of the below traits, please do not continue reading.


checkmarkNegative Personality

checkmark“I already know that” Attitude

checkmarkNot Open Minded

checkmarkExcuse Makers

checkmarkIf You Don’t BELIEVE in Yourself

My time is valuable and I am unwilling to waste a single minute of it with people like this.

But if you BELIEVE in yourself, then I BELIEVE in you. I believe you have what it takes to be GREAT and to be a success.

How long do you think it is going to take to reach this greatness?
For most trainers, it can take anywhere from 5-10 years to reach that kind of success if you do it alone.
What if I told you I could get you there in less than 1 year.
Would you be interested?


I have helped fitness professionals from all over the world reach their true potential.
It’s time for you to reach YOURS.

You may be asking yourself…
“Is this program for me??”

This program is for trainers that are ready to branch out and open their own location. It’s also for you veteran trainers that have been in the game for a while. If you are open minded then I have something to offer you. Yes, you may not need as much help as others, but we should always be striving to learn. Never have the attitude of “I already know that.” Once you have developed that, you are DOOMED! If you take away just one nugget of knowledge that gets you 1 NEW client a month, then it’s worth it. We all need coaches and someone to be accountable to. I’m not above this, I have mentors and a group of people I’m accountable to as well. That is the only way we will reach our true potential.

A common question I get about FitRanX…

Is why I decided to share the system with everyone, instead of keeping it all to myself. I could have done this and taken the system and opened up a bunch of locations myself.

BUT…I did not choose that option. I wanted to share this system with the world so everyone could benefit from it. Because in the end, it’s all about your legacy. Life is an opportunity for us to contribute something that outlasts us and makes the world a better place.

The more people you can help in this life the more enjoyable your life will be. I believe firmly in the saying, “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” So if I can help you help the hundreds of clients you have or will have, then I am well on my way to helping millions of people around the world and so are you. Lets do this together.

If you have been a FitRanX member, you know that over-delivering is very important to me. I’m always concerned that I am not giving enough value or that I’m not helping as much as I need. I have been told by many people in the industry that I give away too much. I won’t need to worry about that for my Elite Members…Because I’m giving you EVERYTHING!!

Don’t Take My Word For It…

Here are what a few of the current ELITE Members have to say about the program…

So now that you know WHY I’m doing this, now we can get to the part I tell you what you get…

Benefit #1:

Access to the ELITE Ranking System and Patches

(Value $1997)

If you thought a Ranking System worked well for your clients…just wait til you see this. You will be working your way through 11 different ranks. To achieve each rank, you must reach certain Benchmarks within your company and take a test to make sure you have retained all the information from the Module Videos. That means every time you reach a NEW rank you have improved your business and most likely you are making more money.

You will also be able to earn specialty patches for completing certain tasks. You will be able to display your badges of honor in your office or at home.

Benefit #2:

Access to the ELITE Module Videos

(Value $3997)

As you work your way through the ELITE Ranks, you will unlock Module Videos associated with each rank. In these Module Videos I cover everything from viral Facebook marketing to proper Mindset for edging out your competition. The lessons that I teach will be the most up to date methods and strategies to building your business and creating the CULTURE you want in your facility. I will take you by the hand and walk you through how to do everything step by step. I won’t leave out any of the minor details and keep them to myself like a lot of other “gurus” do. You will not want to miss out on any of these NEW strategies.

Here are just a few…

greenbullet  Module 1 – Method To The Madness
greenbullet  Module 2 – Elite Ranks and Patches
greenbullet  Module 3 – Know Your Numbers
greenbullet  Module 4 – Contracts
greenbullet  Module 5 – The Marketing Pyramid
greenbullet  Module 6 – Lifecycle Of A Client
greenbullet  Module 7 – The Marketing Calendar
greenbullet  Module 8 – Simplify
greenbullet  Module 9 – How To Be A Better Trainer
greenbullet  Module 10 – To-Do’s List and Today Lists
greenbullet  Module 11 – How To Write Better Emails
greenbullet  Module 12 – Referral Programs
greenbullet  Module 13 – Facebook Ad Training
greenbullet  Module 14 – Program Design (Large Group)
greenbullet  Module 15 – Client Parties and Team Building
greenbullet  Module 16 – Transformation Challenges
greenbullet  Module 17 – Program Design (Personal Training)
greenbullet  Module 18 – How To Run Charity Events
greenbullet  Module 19 – Reactivation Campaign
greenbullet  Module 20 – Connecting With Local Businesses
greenbullet  Module 21 – Winner Mindset
greenbullet  Module 22 – How To Hire And Use An Assistant
greenbullet  Module 23 – How To Build Your Staff
greenbullet  Module 24 – Art Of Persuasion

Benefit #3:

Access To The Done-For-You Marketing Calendar and Content

(Value $2997)

Do you currently run your marketing off a marketing calendar? If not, it’s ok…most trainers and gym owners don’t. That why I provide you with a Done-For-You yearly marketing calendar telling you exactly when to do what marketing piece and I don’t stop there. I’ve done ALL the marketing campaigns for you. All you have to do is Plug and Play. Here are some examples of what you will get access to:

greenbullet  Referral Contests
greenbullet  Reactivation Campaigns
greenbullet  Facebook Campaigns

redarrow21 Day Drop a Dress Size
Mommy Campaigns
redarrowPersonal Training Campaigns
redarrowSales Copy

greenbullet  Charity Events
greenbullet  Client Parties & Team Building
greenbullet  Team Transformation Challenges

redarrowMarketing Email Campaigns
Facebook Sales Copy & Campaigns
redarrowHow To Videos
redarrow6 Weeks Of Done For You Emails
redarrowPoint Tracking Spreadsheets

Benefit #4:

Access to ALL the FitRanX products (Old and New)

(Value $1167)

All FitRanX Products

Benefit #5:

Become A Fully Licensed “FitRanX” Gym

This is question I receive a lot. “Can I use FitRanX in my company name?” Before my answer was NO. The reason I said this is because if someone is using the FitRanX name I want to make sure they are delivering the type of high quality and service that I expect from myself. Since you will be a Certified FitRanX Instructor. I know you will be inspiring your clients and delivering the results they are looking for. Now you are welcome to use the “FitRanX” name in your business if you choose too.

Benefit #6:

Placement in an ELITE Squad

(Value $797)

How important is accountability to you? It should be very important. But being an entrepreneur, we usually find ourselves alone at the top of the food chain. It may feel like you’re on an island sometimes without anyone to talk to because everyone you know has a job, they don’t work for themselves. When you have questions who are you supposed to go to?

You now have a place to go for all your questions and a group of fellow entrepreneurs to keep you accountable to your goals. And if you are not used to goal setting, then you better get used to it! Because when you get put into your squad, you will be forced to set weekly and monthly goals with your Squad Leader.

Squad Leader? What’s a Squad Leader…

There will be 1 Squad Leader per squad that will be in charge and will report back to me if you are not reaching your goals or if you need help.

To be a Squad Leader you must be a top performer. I have strict guidelines you will have to meet to be chosen for this position. Only the strongest leaders will be selected.

Benefit #7:

50% Off All FitRanX Apparel

(Value $397)

Now you can buy all the apparel you can fit in your gym and make money off it. Have you ever been to a fitness event like a mud run or other competition? If so, how did you feel after finishing? Were you excited enough you wanted to buy a T-shirt? I know I have and now you can do the same thing. Your clients will be so excited about passing their FitRanX test, they are going to buy everything off your shelves and they will wear it with pride.

Benefit #8:

30 Minute Coaching Calls

(Value $Priceless)

You will receive a 30 minute coaching with me after every rank you achieve. We will cover any and ALL questions that you have to get your business to the next level. This is truly one of the biggest benefits for the cost of this program. You will not find this with any other coaching program.

What’s Your Happiness Worth To You?

(Let me help you get to that happier place)

Total Value – $11,352

Get instant access to the FitRanX ELITE Team Members-Only Website and all of its benefits.

ELITE Coaching Membership

$297.00 $197.00

a month (cancel at anytime)

Is This Not Good Enough For You??

Do You Want More??

With the FitRanX Elite Plus program, you get everything included with the above version plus all the other benefits listed below…

Benefit #9:

Lock In Your Territory

(Value $Priceless)

You ask, you shall receive. Having territory control has been a HOT topic for a lot of FitRanX members. Now you can have it. No more worries of your competitors getting wind of the program and using it as well. You’re SAFE to market the program to your neighborhood without any fears and you won’t have to worry about competing with other FitRanX gyms opening up next door. I want to make sure you are taken care of and that you are dominating in your area.

Benefit #10:

Your Complete Custom Website

(Value $1649)

You will get access to your very own website to funnel new clients straight to you. All you have to do is buy your domain name. We do all the rest of the work for you. Customize all the pages you want to have. Want custom landing pages…we will do that for you too. There is very little we won’t do for you. This allows you to free up your time to do the things you REALLY want to do.

Benefit #11:

1 FREE Instructor Certification

(Value $197)

To be able to progress through the ELITE Ranks you will have to be a Level 1 Certified FitRanX Instructor. And since I am forcing you to make yourself a better trainer 🙂

I’m giving you one FREE ticket to any Level 1 Certification course.

The course was created…

greenbullet  To ensure universal implementation of the FitRanX system.

greenbullet  Master all exercises on each of the Level Tests

greenbullet  Master the systems and procedures to make your clients stay with you for years.

greenbullet  Learn the secrets to building amazing culture in your facility.

greenbullet  Learn the CORE Values of the system and how to apply it with your clients.

greenbullet  Be listed as a Certified Instructor on the World Wide Database.

greenbullet  Be highlighted as a Certified Instructor on the “Find a FitRanX Location” page.

greenbullet  Option to Level Up under Sgt Nick Rians.

Benefit #12:

Access To The Annual FitRanX World Conference

(Value $597)

This will be one of the largest gatherings of FitRanX Members from all over the World. At the conference we will be covering:

  What is working and what isn’t working in all the FitRanX locations.
  Hands-on learning sessions with the top experts in the industry.
  You will hear from some of the brightest minds about how to make your business better.
  Network with all your fellow FitRanXers.
  And much, much more…

Benefit #13:

Weekly 30 Minute Coaching Calls


Once you come on board, you and I will do 30 minute coaching calls once EVERY week. That’s right…EVERY week. Not every month like a lot of other coaching programs. We will figure out where you and your business is currently and where you want to be. We will systematically go through your business and find your strong points as well as your weaknesses. Once we have your business humming along, we then dive into marketing your business and getting you a flood of NEW clients and money. If you have any other questions during the week, I am always here for you, as well as the rest of the staff here at HQ. You will have unlimited support for any and all questions. We will make sure you overcome any obstacles that may get in your way.

What is this going to cost me?

You are now probably thinking…”What is this going to cost me?” Don’t worry, it’s not much. It’s only going to cost about as much as 3 or 4 clients pay you for 1 month of your services. Is that worth it to you?

It is the road you take that decides your destiny and not your destiny that decides the road you take.

So if you like what you have read and you think you have what it takes to be an ELITE PLUS Member, then go ahead and click the link below to start the selection process.

What is your destiny going to be?

What’s Your Happiness Worth To You?

(Let me help you get to that happier place)

ELITE Coaching Membership

$297.00 $197.00

a month (cancel at anytime)


ELITE PLUS Coaching Membership

(Click the link below to apply for this ELITE program)

$897.00 $697.00