“Independent we are weak, but together we are Unstoppable…”

Are YOU Ready To Get Your BUSINESS To The NEXT LEVEL And Start Earning What YOU Are WORTH?

I guarantee you will be making $20,000 or more a month within 12 months or I’ll give you your money back!

Don’t Take My Word For It…

No Matter Where You Are At With Your Fitness Business, This Program Is Designed For You

Take A Look Behind The Curtain…

“Did You Say A Ranking System For Business Owners???”

If you thought a Ranking System worked well for your clients…just wait til you see this. You will be working your way through 11 different ranks.

To achieve each rank, you must complete certain tasks each month that will move your business forward. 

That means every time you reach a NEW rank you have improved your business and  you are making MORE money.

Here is the list of Ranks you will be achieving:

Not Just Ranks...You Can Earn Specialty Patches Too

You will be able to earn specialty patches for completing certain tasks. Here are a few of the Patches you will achieve:

Hunter Patch

Earn this by getting 20 new clients in 30 days

Boss Hog Patch

Earn this by having 3 or more TRAINERS working under your command for over ONE year

The Legacy Patch

Earn this patch by taking initiative to do something to improve FitRanX

The Animal Patch

Earn this by Personally completing 4 level tests in a single training session
And that is just to name a few…we have A LOT more then just these!

FitRanX® Award Board

Once you earn your first rank we will send you your Award Board so you can display your Dog Tags, Specialty Patches, and your Yearly Challenge Coins.

We all need something to stay motivated. There is no secret to that. You have already seen how a ranking system can motivate you and your clients.

Now participate in one that is going to make your business better and make you more money.

With this new system, you are going to reach heights you never thought possible.

Don’t Take My Word For It…
You may be asking yourself…

“Is this program for me??”

This program is for trainers that are ready to branch out and open their own location. It’s also for veteran gym owners that have been in the game for a while. If you are open minded then I have something to offer you.

If you take away just one nugget of knowledge that gets you 1 NEW client a month, then it’s worth it.

We all need coaches and someone to be accountable to. I’m not above this, I have mentors and a group of people I’m accountable to as well. That is the only way we will reach our true potential.

Overdeliver & NO CONTRACTS!!

If you have been a FitRanX® member for sometime, you know that overdelivering is very important to me. I’m always concerned that I am not giving enough value or that I’m not helping as much as I need. I have been told by many people in the industry that I give away too much, well for my Elite Members this is true…because I’m giving you EVERYTHING!!

Most ELITE members have been on the Team for over 4 years and that is with NO CONTRACTS.

Don’t Take My Word For It…

Benefit #1:

Access To The FitRanX® Client Level Testing System

With FitRanX®, you run your clients through a series of fitness tests. There are 8 FitRanX® Levels with corresponding colors that represent each rank. In order for an individual to progress from one level to the next, they must participate in a fitness test.  Each test includes a STRENGTH portion as a CONDITIONING portion for advancement through each level.

Through scientific testing and years of development, these tests have been proven to allow an individual to demonstrate personal fitness growth in all major muscle groups, as well as cardiovascular conditioning. As an individual passes through the FitRanX® Levels, they wear the RanX® band or dog tag color of their corresponding fitness rank whenever they are at your facility or out around town.

Benefit #2:

Access To The BUSINESS Ranking System And Patches

If you thought a Ranking System worked well for your clients…just wait til you see this. You will be working your way through 11 different ranks. To achieve each rank, you must complete certain tasks each month that will move your business forward. That means every time you reach a NEW rank you have improved your business and making MORE money.

You will also be able to earn specialty patches for completing certain tasks. You will be able to display your badges of honor at your office or at home on your ELITE Award Board!

Benefit #2:

Benefit #3:

Access To The Done-For-You Marketing Calendar And Content
Do you currently run your marketing off a marketing calendar? If not, it’s ok…most trainers and gym owners don’t. That’s why I provide a Done-For-You yearly marketing calendar telling you exactly when to do what marketing piece and I don’t stop there. I’ve done ALL the marketing campaigns for you. All you have to do is Plug and Play. Here are some examples of what you will get access to:
  • Referral Contests
  • Reactivation Campaigns
  • Facebook Campaigns
    • 28 Day Level Up Challenge
    • Mommy Makeover Campaigns
    • 50+ Marketing Campaigns
    • 6 Week Challenges
    • Sales Copy & Picture
  • Charity Events
  • Client Parties & Team Building
  • Team Transformation Challenges
    • Marketing Email Campaigns
    • Facebook Sales Copy & Campaigns
    • How To Videos
    • 6 Weeks Of Done For You Emails
    • Point Tracking Spreadsheets

Benefit #4:

Access To The School Of Business Video Courses
All FitRanX Products


You got into this industry because you knew about fitness and you loved helping people. You didn’t think you needed to have a Master’s Degree in business to make it successful. But that’s ok…you can skip all the unnecessary information that grad school would have required, and find out what’s working in the fitness industry NOW.

Plus do it in a style of learning that works for YOU. We are here to help you with the business and marketing so you can focus on what you REALLY enjoy doing.

You will get access to over 50 Online Courses that will make your business better, give you a steady flow of new clients, and make you A LOT more money.


Benefit #5:

Attend The Annual FitRanX® World Conference

At our annual World Conference we bring in some of the top minds in the fitness industry to share their knowledge on building a fitness business as well as hands-on sessions teaching you the latest developments in exercise science.

Benefit #6:

Done-For-You Website Service
Does your website need a face lift? We got you covered. We will redesign and make you a brand spanking new website and do all your edits every month. That means whenever you need a landing page made for a promotion or any other edits…we got your back!

Benefit #7

Facebook Ads Management

No need to keep wasting your time putting Facebook ads together that aren’t working. We know Facebook ads can be a pain in the a$$ to manage, so we take that burden off your hands by managing all your ads for you. 

Benefit #8

30 Minute Coaching Calls

You will receive four 30 minute coaching calls every month. We will cover any and ALL questions that you have to get your business to the next level. This is truly one of the biggest benefits for the cost of this program. You will not find this with any other coaching program.

My Guarantee To YOU! 

I guarantee that you will be averaging $20,000 or more a month within 12 months of being on this program or I’ll give you your money back!

I can guarentee this because I’ve done this exact thing with over 50 other gyms. 

The system works and it can be replicated because of how simple the system really is.

All you need to do is complete the tasks I give you each month and YOU can have the same results.



Get ALL The Benefits Of A Franchise…Without All The Negatives



  • Done-For-You Systems
  • Yearly Marketing Calendar
  • Plug & Play Marketing Campaigns
  • Website Design & Management
  • Monthly Coaching Calls & Support
  • Simple Step By Step Process
  • Higher Rate Of Success
  • No Profit Sharing
  • No LONG Term Contracts


  • Stuck In A LONG Term Contract
  • No Freedom Of Creativity
  • MUCH More Expensive
  • No Coaching Or Support
  • Sharing Of Profits

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