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I write this a month after the first annual FitRanX® World Conference, a spectacularly successful event. It was an event that, even as it was unfolding, left many in awe that it was even occurring. Just a little over 2 ½ short years ago, Nick and I taught the first FitRanX® Instructor Certification in Huntington Beach, CA. That one cert led to three a year, and at the conclusion of each weekend the energy was so high, and everyone was so stoked that their inevitable first question was “When can we do this again? When can we all hang out again?” And thus the World Conference was born out of both request and necessity. Which is also how the Instructor Certification came to be as well.

Did Nick have this vision of his company 4 years ago when he created his first version of a fitness ranking system? Not in the slightest. But he knew he wanted to help gym owners, and he knew what he wanted his ideal life/day to look like. You could say it was “Kismet.”

Kismet is a term with Turkish origins dating back to the early 1800’s. It means “destiny,” or “fate.”

fitness level testsAt the World Conference we had many wonderful speakers and presenters (including yours truly), but one we were very fortunate to have was John Spencer Ellis (or JSE as he is commonly referred to). JSE was speaking about managing wealth as a fitness professional, and the importance of having multiple streams of income and being smart about what to do with that income once you have earned it. This has been a goal of my wife and I, to have various sources of income, so that we are not solely reliant on just one.

We also heard from many of our own FitRanX® gym owners, as they opened up about their own personal struggles. One common thread was this: there was always a singular “breakthrough moment.” Even Nick had this when he sold his gym years ago and took a year off to write the original FitRanX® program and learn about online marketing.

About a year and a half ago I myself sat down with Nick and mapped out where I wanted to be in 5 years, what I wanted my “ideal day” to look like. Now one could say this was a pipe dream, but something Nick emphasized was that once you have a clear goal in mind, you will unconsciously make daily decisions that will lead you to that goal.

I am a high school teacher, and I teach Weightlifting and Health. One of the goals I told Nick was that I wanted to be able to teach part-time (basically just 3 Weightlifting classes a day) and then focus the rest of my time on FitRanX®, or other fitness endeavors.

My wife (and I) concurrently made the decision for her to quit her job and stay home about a year ago (actually she strategically got fired) so that she could be more involved in our daughters school and pursue her own wellness business goals.img_7017

Well, two days after the World Conference, my wife was offered to buy out a local gym. This is such a “top secret” topic that I can’t reveal any names or locations, and it may not even come to be once we evaluate numbers, but to say it came as a complete surprise is an understatement. Even the way the offer came about is remarkable, but it couldn’t have happened if she and I hadn’t started to follow our hearts.

As she and I contemplated this turn of events, we couldn’t help but remark on the timing. It was as if it were destiny, or “Kismet.” But if this works out and becomes our reality, it will continue to open up opportunities and actions that may indeed lead to our long term goals.

Have you ever encountered moments that you could only describe as Kismet? Where for some uncanny reason things seemed to unfold as if they were preplanned as through destiny? Sometimes these moments can be scary and exciting at the same time, as we are experiencing now. The only thing you can do is keep your end goal in your sights and see what opportunities reveal themselves.

Only time will tell how this story ends.

Tim Peterson, Chief FitRanX® Instructor