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challenge workoutFrom FitRanX® Elite Member Jeff Greer,

Over the last 12 months I have been testing all 50 of the Challenge Workouts with all of my clients with a huge success. The workouts have been a great way to not only challenge my clients but also really help bring everyone together and compete as a team.

Adding the Challenge Workouts to the monthly training sessions along with FitRanX® has made my client retention better by not only challenging them but also because they are not bored with the same old workouts.

Since I started using the Challenge Workouts my clients are always asking when they get to do the next one. I have used the workouts as special events and monthly challenges. The level of extra motivation has gone through the roof! After completing a challenge and setting their own benchmark every client is talking about how they plan to do even better next time and are asking when they can do it again. It really has brought everyone together and made our fitness family even closer!

The challenge workouts are not just for advanced clients. The challenge workouts have been a great way to get my lower fitness level clients to really push past their current comfort level and actually raise their confidence levels and become more engaged in every workout.

As a trainer and a coach I am always looking for a way to set myself and my business apart from everyone else and the challenge workouts have added that extra dimension to do that.

Implementing the Challenge Workouts alongside FitRanX® has been a perfect fit and with 100% approval from every client!

“What are the Challenge Workouts going to do for me??”

greenbullet  Gives you benchmark workouts so your clients can see how they are improving

greenbullet  Eliminates the same old boring workout routines

greenbullet  Allows you to have special event workouts for Holidays

greenbullet  Gives your clients that extra motivation and something to work towards

greenbullet  Friendly competition brings your fitness family closer together

greenbullet  Happy Clients = More Money in your pocket

greenbullet  Save time researching new workouts to spice up your current training regimen

greenbullet  If you are part of the FitRanX® Team, then you get to compete against other gyms from Around the World!

50 Challenge Workouts Comes With a 365-Day Money Back Guarantee

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This guarantee is very straight forward. No teeny, tiny print. I am only interested in having extremely satisfied customers. So if you aren’t happy, I’m not happy either.

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