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It used to be that the only things you didn’t talk about at the dinner table were religion and politics. Well times have changed, and now we have a whole myriad of topics that tend to bring up “animated” responses, Crossfit included.

Here’s the thing: Crossfit is a brand. So is Planet Fitness, Orange Theory, Anytime Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, Fit Body Bootcamp, the list goes on and on. Every brand put their own spin on things, but none of them invented anything. Crossfit dsc_7-copydidn’t invent Olympic lifting and complexes/ladders, Planet Fitness didn’t invent machine based circuits, Orange Theory didn’t invent cardio based workouts, Anytime Fitness didn’t invent passcode access, 24 Hour Fitness didn’t invent all day access, and FBBC didn’t invent large group training.

FitRanX® is also a brand. We didn’t invent rank, but we found a way to put our own spin on things.

There are a few similarities between FitRanx and Crossfit however, and so I wanted to bring them up and address them so you can have answers at the ready.

The word “fit” is in the name. That’s just a coincidence right there. Nick has rebranded himself multiple times, starting before Crossfit was even a thing, and the words “fit” or “fitness” have always been in his company names.

The gym locations physically look similar. Also a coincidence, but one that is losing steam. The days of the big box gym full of weight and fitness ranking systemcardio machines are fading. Gyms are looking more like gymnasiums of the past, with ropes, free weights, medicine balls, indian clubs, kettlebells, rings, racks, etc. So when a potential client walks in your gym, sees all the open space and modular racks, don’t take offense if they ask “Are you guys like Crossfit?” Small box boutique studios are all the rage now. Eventually the potential client will catch on, but it’s just like 20-30 years ago when their choice of big box gym ranged from Bally’s, Holiday Spa, 24 Hour, and more.

They both can have an “edgy” vibe to them. Crossfit was born as short, high intensity workouts for Law Enforcement, Fire, and Military personnel to keep them at the ready. FitRanX® was born out of Nick’s experience with rank both with the military and martial arts, and the “image” reflects that.

So, “Are you guys like Crossfit?” “With all these similarities, which one is better?” That’s where the conversation can go one of two ways. You can educate them on our differences and how they are like apples and oranges, or you can get into an ideological argument and lose them as a client.

The fact is, other than the above listed similarities, FitRanX® is nothing like Crossfit, but not in a “better” or “worse” way. They are literally like apples and oranges.

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Crossfit is a brand, whose original image was based around daily workouts, or WODs. The WODs were short, random, high intensity workouts, which were modifiable to the user, and the end goal was to complete them as fast as possible. Today’s Crossfit gyms all have their own unique twists on the brand, depending on the expertise and specializations of the owner and trainers.
FitRanX® is also a brand, whose base is a series of fitness based benchmark tests. The tests are not workouts, they are tests. There are strict standards for each test, and there are testing categories based on gender, age, and bodyweight to ensure a consistent testing experience for the client worldwide.Fitness system

How the FitRanX® tests are used is completely up to the gym running the program. For example, a Crossfit gym could do the daily Crossfit WODs, and then monthly conduct a FitRanX® testing day to evaluate the progress of their members. The same can be said for Orange Theory, FBBC, Anytime, etc. Some FitRanX® gyms fully integrate the brand into the image of their gym, and utilize the program to its fullest
extent with the gym name, paint/color scheme, prewritten Phase Workouts, and more.

The most important message to convey is that while yes there are similarities and differences between FitRanX® and other brands, it isn’t “us versus them.” The biggest difference between your gym and your competition is YOU.

Tim Peterson, Chief FitRanX® Instructor