FitRanX Certification

Instructor Certification

Do I Have To Be A Certified Instructor To Run The FitRanX® System?

This is a common question we get. The answer is NO, you do not have to be certified to start running the FitRanX® system. We actually suggest you purchase the system and start running it for around 4 months before you even look at getting certified. We want you to get a solid grasp on how the system works and then when you come to one of the certifications, we will teach you how to run the system at 100% of its capabilities.

Why Is There A FitRanX® Certification?

This Certification was created to ensure that all FitRanX® gyms are keeping with the high standards of all the FitRanX® level tests. We will do this by guaranteeing you have mastered every exercise and the ability to teach these movements. This Certification is also designed to teach you the best practices of how to run small and large format testing days. You will learn all the latest cues to help you be able to teach all the FitRanX® movements to even your toughest clients.

You will also LEARN:

  • How to run a FitRanX® Test Day to create the most excitement
  • The best CULTURE building techniques
  • Recommended program design:
    • Basic Strength days
    • Specific Strength days
    • Basic Conditioning days
    • Specific Conditioning days
    • Kettlebell and Complex days
  • How to use FitRanX® in your sales process
  • How to use FitRanX® in your Low Barrier Offers
  • How to use FitRanX® as an umbrella over all your programs instead of JUST a class
  • Advanced techniques on how to run a better session
  • How to run FitRanX® Workshops


The course is comprised of lectures, hands-on practice, and running LIVE Level tests. These elements enable participants to better apply the program and to begin training others with the FitRanX® system.

This is NOT a certification that you can just pay to go to and automatically receive the title of FitRanX® Certified Instructor.

You must earn the TITLE!

Those who meet the requirements below earn the title of: FitRanX® Certified Instructor.

Course Requirements:

  • Must attend the entire 18 hour course
  • Must pass FitRanX® Level 4 Test
  • Must pass Instructor Evaluation
  • Must pass written test with 80% or better
  • 100% participation in all Hands-On sessions

If you attend and fail at one of the above listed items, you will not walk away empty handed. You will still be going home with a TON of knowledge and a Certificate of Participation. (If you JUST fail the Level 4 physical test…you will be able to submit a video after event to get your FULL certification)

Why Get FitRanX Instructor Certified?

  • To ensure universal implementation of the FitRanX® system.
  • Master all exercises on each of the Level Tests.
  • Become an expert at running small and large format Testing Days.
  • Master how to instruct clients through all exercises in the system.
  • Be listed as a Certified Instructor on the World Wide Database.
  • Master the systems and procedures to make your clients stay with you for years.
  • Be highlighted as a Certified Instructor on the “Find a FitRanX® Location” page.
  • Learn the Secrets to building amazing culture in your facility.

What to Bring:

  • Workout attire
  • Snacks
  • Your amazing personality!!

In Preparation:

  • Study all LEVEL Tests
  • Review all MODULE Videos
  • Review all Level Test VIDEOS
  • Practice Kettlebell exercise form